The biggest confusing state for a new blogger to choose which is the best platform for the blog. However, there are various options to start blogging like Blogger, WordPress, Tumbler, Wix & much more.In this article, we’re going to let you know an easier way to understand all the pros and cons between WordPress vs blogger and which is best to use?. I received and read many comments & feedback that why we choose WordPress instead of the blogger by Google. We will try to cover all the questions in this article.

6 Most Powerful Comparison Between Blogger vs WordPress

1.    Powerful Platform

Blogger is free of cost to use and it is owned by Google and has very limited features where you can’t do anything to extend features as per your requirement. Another downside of blogger, Google might remove your blog without any notice. But for a beginner, Blogger is the best place to learn about simple features to manage blogs and their terms. After learning features you can migrate your blog/site into WordPress to get more mileage.

As you all know, when you want to start your blog so you want to manage all the content with strong features like to add, modify, reliable, faster & user-friendly. WordPress is a more powerful content management system (CMS) as compared to Google’s Blogger site. Because WordPress has own self-hosted and various plugin available who extend more feature to built quality user-friendly blog/website such as E-commerce Stores, News Magazine, and Business Portfolio etc.
Wordpress has one drawback, it requires a technical knowledge of coding if you want to do more customization in themes and function to look more attractive as compared to blogger.

2. Website Theme style in Blogger vs WordPress

Blogger has restricted theme and layout of the blog no one authorized to do any kind of customization with the theme. It has owned UI with fewer features and who’s learner unable to do easily many things such as related posts, social media feeds etc.

WordPress theme options-min
However, WordPress has extensive themes, layout, and free templates. It has versatility and 100% flexibility to create any kinds of the website which increase its functionality to a next level. Themes and tools are easy to customize and modify as per requirement.

3. SEO Strategy Pros and Cons in Blogger vs WordPress

About SEO strategy, doesn’t matter which platform you choose for your blog. SEO is the simplest thing to optimize your blog to improve ranking among major search engines, getting a large number of traffics from various countries. In blogger, you have lack SEO advanced features like WordPress has.

WordPress has the wide range of features to improve your SEO ranking in major search engine and getting traffic through innumerable tools like Yoast, All In SEO plugin etc. WordPress is better than the blogger and with more SEO features.

4. Transfer Blog and WordPress Website

Blogger has own technique to store blog’s content and image. It’s very difficult task to move into another platform to dot com domain or other CMS. While transfer blogger might be a risk to lose SEO ranking in Google.

With using WordPress, move your site anytime and anywhere with some of the special technique with 0% downtime error. You can select any domain, server or migrate to another domain is very easier along with all SEO content.

5. Security Protection in WordPress vs Blogger

Wordpress vs Blogger security protectionBlogger has a very big malfunction that is related to security of your blog. Google has itself robust platform to save backup and secure your blog automatically at their end. Thus, you will not be able to create the backup for yourself.

Using WordPress is self-hosted has the advantage to secure your blog yourself and you’re only responsible for your blog content and hosted third party tools. There are various plugins and tools to create the backup of your website and prevent from hacking to secure.

6. Support Criteria in Wordpress vs Blogger

I have wasted too much time to add the feature of the related post and some other gadgets in blogger and basic documentation and limited supports available by Google.

Although WordPress actively working on support community.  When you need any kinds of help, you can easily achieve through support forum. You can pick custom code from there and extend the capabilities of your WordPress.

Conclusion: I hope you like the post of WordPress vs Blogger comparison and it helps to choose the right platform for your small business or blog portal. If you’re still confused, so please write us at We love to help you all the startups and passionate people who want to start their own blog and website.


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